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Max Factor Makeup Samples Ideas

The extraordinary makeup skill of a Polish-Jewish cosmetician led to the formation of the company that is known today to the world as Max Factor. Maxmilian Faktorowicz, who earned fame as Max Factor, migrated to Los Angeles in America to expand his family business of making wigs and doing theatrical makeup. He created a foundation for the film stars and theatre actors that would not look like a cake or crack in front of camera or the strong theatre lights. This shot him to instant fame and soon many actors were dying to try this foundation. Soon Max Factor earned his reputation as an actors' makeup artist as he would customize his makeup according to the actors' skin colors and complexions. He soon opened his own salon and carried his business of beauty to a further level. He entered into the business of manufacturing cosmetics when he was snubbed and mal-treated by a famed German company. This gave birth to the popular Max Factor cosmetics. The company expanded with time and merged with Procter & Gambl. Even then, Max Factor free makeup samples are easily available with the help of a few pointers:

  • Procter & Gamble is a company that has many cosmetic companies as its sister companies. It is also famous for its websites that distribute freebies frequently. You can register with the company website to avail some free makeup samples. There are many exclusive offers for the members. Hence registration with the company website can give you a great chance to earn great goodies and free samples.

  • Woman's magazines today are a horde to many cosmetic company advertisements and free sample coupons. The key is to get the magazine at the right time and send the coupon at the right time to the company. This can get you free samples of the makeup. You have to be quick in sending the coupons as the offers are usually valid till the stock lasts.

  • Many different websites other than the company website are a great source to get free samples. All you have to do is browse through the net to get the correct website and voila! Your work is half done.

  • You can visit exclusive Max Factor stores and get free stuff by giving the salesperson your most dazzling smile and requesting them sweetly for a free sample. If this works out, you may be lucky to get free sample of a newly launched and a hot favorite cosmetic product.

  • There are many promotional events that occur across the city many a times for the launch of their new line of products. Being a part of such events can prove to be a great boon as it will help you get free samples of makeup without any hassles and surveys to complete.

  • You can be a part of different chat shows that give out different cosmetics as a part of free distribution and promotion of that product through the medium of the show. The cosmetics distributed in these shows are usually of the best quality and are great.

Getting free Max Factor cosmetics is not a difficult task if you make use of these pointers.

Max Factor Makeup Samples Ideas