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Simple Makeup Tricks

Your look reflects a lot about you thus; it is imperative that you put up your best face when you set out. Women are busy with loads of responsibilities. Many women feel they cannot do without make up and cannot get out of their home bare face. A minimum of foundation or a bit of compact or powder becomes inevitable. We all want to look and above all feel our best and women above all are expected to wear make up. Simple make up tricks help you look your best in less time.

Simple make up tricks

Perfect match:

Choose colors according to your day or night wear. In the daytime, it makes sense to opt for a natural look. If you use too much color in the daytime, it looks garish. A simple foundation and powder, and one or two colors of eye make up can make you look renewed. Save the bold colors for your night out.

  • Blemish free:
    An important make up trick is to hide your blemishes and flaws without making it obvious. If you cover your face with tons of powder and foundation to hide blemishes then you end up highlighting them more. Use a good concealer and subtle color, blend well so; the skin you touch up does not stand out from the skin surrounding it. Apply a good eye cream to cover the dark circles.
  • Perfect Foundation:
    If you have oily skin then you can use cake foundations to get rid of a shiny face. In case you do not have oily skin, you have more choices of foundations and cream. Never use lanolin base products since; they exacerbate the problem of oily skin. Another technique is to use vanishing cream as a foundation for oily skin.
  • Hair color:
    Use make up that matches your hair. For darker hair, consider orange undertone lipsticks. Pink shades compliment with grey hair well. Deep red go well on golden brown hair. Do not let colors to clash your natural skin tone.
  • Eyewear:
    Busy women can wear eyeliner and mascara instead of wearing eye shadow. This defines your eye shape and it enlarges the appearance of your eyes. The color that you choose will vary according to your style. If you are fair haired and you have fair skin then use dark brown and use black for the opposite.
  • Easy lip make up:
    For convenience, use colored lip-gloss. It provides shine as well as color. If you already have good colored lips, a clear gloss or petroleum jelly will do the trick.
  • Make up Care:
    When the atmosphere is hot and you suffer from dry skin, spring a little mineral water onto your face with a spray applicator, you will feel good and it looks healthy at the same time. If your skin is too greasy, keep a small pad of powdered blotting paper to reduce facial shine. Always carry a gloss with you if it fades.

Make up need not be time consuming for busy women. Keep it simple, natural so that you feel energetic, positive and confident about your appearance.

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Simple Makeup Tricks

Simple Makeup Tricks