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How to apply Professional Makeup

With every problem, comes the solution. The same is with applying makeup. Women adopt the habit of applying makeup just because they want to look perfect, beautiful and confident just like a models of Milan fashion. As there are not many women with flawless skin, makeup techniques work out best. Applying makeup should not be difficult if you know the right techniques of applying makeup. If you are unaware or unsure about how to put professional makeup, then read through information given below, which would help you to enhance your natural beauty.

Clean Your Face First

Before you start with your makeup, it is essential to clean your face and before cleaning your face, you need to pull your hair back off your face so that it doesn't bother you while cleaning as well as further. Clean your face with a good facial soap or a cleanser followed by applying toner.

Apply Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer is important as it help for smooth application of makeup. If your skin is not moisturized, it would appear flaky and your makeup would look like a patch work. You can always dab tissue paper to soak extra moisturizer off the face, particularly on the T-zone while include forehead, nose and chin.

Blend the Foundation

Remember that foundation is the base of every makeup. Without it, your makeup would fail to show up. Makeup sponge works best for blending foundation instead of using your finger tips. Once you have applied foundation, puff in translucent powder over it so that the foundation settles properly and your skin looks plain.

Blushing Cheeks

Apply light blush on the cheek area in a triangular pattern which follows the cheek bones. Make use of larger sized brush to flounce over the extra blush-on and blend it over rightly. Brush the blush lightly on the base of your chin, tip of the nose and on the centre of the forehead. Do on apply lot of blush or else you would end up looking like a clown.

Line Your Eyes

If you have black or brown eyes, you can use black colored eyeliner and if you have green or blue eyes, you can apply light colored eyeliners like brown or gray. Liquid eyeliners are more attractive, while with the pencil eyeliners, you can make an outline to the rim of your eyelashes to define your eyes more precisely.

Eye Shadow Highlights

If you wish to apply eye shadow, then make sure you apply it before applying mascara. You can blend two shades of eye shadows for more dramatic look or can stick to single. If you wish to have a smoky look, then simply go for gray or black blend along with white shade.

Put on Mascara

Before applying mascara, you can curl on your eye lashes with the eye curler tool. This will roll your eye lashes and then you can apply mascara. Separate the eye lashes from one another for a defined look and apply another coat for darker appearance. Mascara is available in transparent fluid too which makes your eye lashes prominent without highlighting them.

Dash of Lipstick

I believe lipsticks are the best makeup product in all. You can plainly apply lipstick or can outline it with a lip liner. Best application of lipstick is only possible with the lipstick brush. For a glossy or shimmering look, you can apply gloss or shimmer on the lipstick respectively. If you want a matte finish, then apply a bit of loose powder to the lips once you apply the lipstick.

How to apply Professional Makeup