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Waterproof Foundation Makeup

Waterproofing makeup has many advantages as this makeup will keep your face looking fresh in any environment, for instance at the beach or swimming pool, during exercise or anytime even if you get caught in the rain it will stay in place. With correct waterproof foundation, you can be sure that humidity, rain or sweat won't make your mascara drain and your eye shadow or your foundation will not smudge.

Things required to do Water proof foundation makeup:

  • Foundation primer
  • Lip primer
  • Eye primer
  • Waterproof makeup
  • Soft, fluffy brush
  • Anti-shine powder
  • Powder puff or tissue
  • Fixer spray
Tips on How to apply Water proof makeup:
  • Opt only for only those foundation, blush and eye-makeup cosmetics that are specially designed to resist water. The package should clearly state that the cosmetic is waterproof or resistant to water. Always try to use spray-on foundations as they are perfect for waterproof makeup
  • If you are going for swimming, then consider for those foundations, which can be used to hide birthmarks and even tattoos
  • In hot climate and in excess humidity we generally sweat a lot, therefore it's essential to choose correct foundation for your skin. You should go for water-based formula, as oil-based makeup can liquefy in the heat
  • First apply a light, water-based moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Let the moisturizer completely soak into your skin at least for five minutes before applying foundation
  • Now apply a foundation primer on your face. Primer helps to smooth your skin surface and helps makeup stick well so that it can resist water. It also helps to create oil and sweat-resistance between your skin and makeup
  • Now start applying eye primer and lip primer to make a smooth canvas for lip makeup and eye makeup
  • Always apply a thin layer of foundation to make smooth skin tone, and to glow and shine naturally. Thick foundation can never become fully water resistant
  • Now you can start applying eye shadows, blush and lipstick. Remember to apply these cosmetics gently and carefully, because waterproof foundation dry up very quickly and mistakes in doing makeup can be very hard to correct.
  • Next apply anti-shine mattifying loose powder on your face. This will help to create a waterproof surface on your skin. It also helps to soak excess oil, preventing the makeup from melting down in excessive heat
  • Dust a small amount of anti-shine powder near fore head and chin with the help of a fluffy powder brush. With the help of a tissue brush off excess powder
  • To make your makeup stay for longer period, use makeup fixer spray to seal your makeup
  • Hold the makeup fixer spray at least 10 inches away from your face so that your makeup doesn't become sticky. After spraying wait for sixty seconds
  • Now finally apply lip sealer on your lips to make your lip gloss or lip stick water resistant and smudge proof. It takes thirty seconds for the lip sealer to set
  • Now, you are ready with your water proof foundation makeup
Water resistant makeup has many advantages because you can use them in any condition, as you will look fresh and beautiful through the day. Above mentioned tips will surely help you to do water proof makeup perfectly.
Waterproof Foundation Makeup