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Halloween Makeup- Joker Makeup Tutorial

Joker makeup tutorial will help you to paint your face to look like a joker. You can get two different look, one like the smiling happy clown from the circus and the other would be a scary joker like the joker from the batman movie, the dark knight. For the generic look, do not smudge the makeup and skip the scars.

Things you need for joker makeup:

  • Spirit gum
  • Small spatula
  • Scar wax
  • White, black and red face paint
  • Makeup brush
  • Makeup sponge

Step by step joker makeup tutorial:

  1. For the scary look, you need to make a smile scar on your face. Apply spirit gum using the brush that comes along with it to your cheeks and make scars coming out of joker's lips. Wait for the spirit gum to dry.
  2. Use the small spatula that comes with scar wax to apply scar war over spirit gum. Do not apply it uniformly; leave it messy to get the messy scars. Use the spatula or thin pencil to draw lines through the scar wax to make it look as if cuts have been made in the skin.
  3. Paint your face white by applying white paint with the help of a makeup sponge. Make sure you carefully apply paint over the scars so that you do not spoil their appearance.
  4. Use a makeup brush to apply black paint over your entire eyelids. Start from the upper eyelid and cover the brow bone as well as the lower brow bone. Use your fingers to smudge the lines between the black paint and the white paint.
  5. Apply red paint over your lips with the help of a makeup brush. Make sure you carefully apply red paint over the scars without ruining them. Blur the line where the red paint meets the white paint with the help of a makeup sponge. Get the crazy joker effect by extending the red paint slightly out from your lips.
  6. Create a dark red color by mixing black and red paint. Apply the dark red color using makeup brush to the cuts you have made in the smile scar.
  7. Give a smudged look to your face to look like the scary joker. Use a clean makeup sponge to wipe off some white paint from your forehead, chin and nose.
  8. Cringe your forehead and apply white face paint to your forehead using a makeup sponge. This will help you make squiggly line on your forehead.
  9. To give your makeup a worn out and distressed look, apply small amount of black color over and under the eye area and blend it with a makeup sponge.
  10. For the jolly circus makeup look, you can line your lips with the help of dark red color using a thin makeup brush. Draw a thin line from the outer end of your lips towards the apple of your cheek and draw a small horizontal line at its outer end. This will give you a smiley effect.

Follow the joker makeup to get the look of a funny jolly circus joker or a scary joker from the batman movie. You can use this look for a fancy dress or Halloween party.

Halloween Makeup- Joker Makeup Tutorial